Rayk Group has a number of companies engaged in the acquisition and rental of income and commercial real estate in Israel and abroad for residential, offices and various businesses.

Income-producing real estate is an asset that, in addition to being a capital asset, is also an asset that carries a yield throughout the period of its holding (A property that can be rented and for which rent fees is available).

Rayk Group has an extensive experience in locating real estate properties with the potential to upgrade, purchase and lease them to business customers, usually under long-term contracts.

In recent years, Rayk Group has expanded its business in the field of business and commercial real estate also abroad. And today, the company also has income-producing properties in Amsterdam and Tbilisi, Georgia.

Among Rayk Group customers are leading companies such as Cellcom, Partner Communications Ltd., Pelephone Communications Ltd., Golan Telecom and Hot Mobile.




Rayk Group owns land designated to be improved, including an area of 2 hectares in Elkana, and the main area held by Rayk Group is the land on the Mount of Olives.

Rayk Group holds on the Mount of Olives, located in the east of Jerusalem Old City of, a total area of 5.5 hectares for burial. The Jewish tradition has attributed special merit to burial in this area, whose location is known as the holiest and most ancient place for Jewish burial, and which serves as the second Temple Mount for the Jewish people; a Jewish cemetery will be established in this area.

As we know, today there are few private burial places used to bury Jews on the Mount of Olives, and the area held by Rayk Group is the last remaining area on the Mount of Olives that has not yet been used for burial.

The land held by Rayk Group will be converted into an exclusive Jewish cemetery that will contain up to 4,750 double graves (up to 9,500 individual graves) and allow any Jew who wishes to acquire a private (future) burial place.


Rayk Group business in finance focuses on Georgia, where Rayk Group holds a Micro-Finance company, which is considered as a banking institution for all intents and purposes, and which is used to provide customized mortgages for every person and pocket, in a simple, fast and highly effective process, under favorable conditions, at short term and long term.

In Georgia, as a country in development, there is now growth in all areas of life, including law and state, health, society and in the financial field. Rayk Group has identified this trend and started to establish its business in the financial field in Georgia. Today, the micro-finance company hold by Rayk Group is considered as the leading company in the Georgian financial and mortgage lending market.

The Micro-Finance company is defined as a banking institution and as such it required the highest and strictest standards and has the duty to meet the severest standards and regulations.

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