Rayk Group is among the leading real estate developers in Israel, specializing in the construction of selected premium projects, with an emphasis on urban renewal, in strategic areas throughout the country.
Yossi Rayk, third family generation of contractors, leads Rayk Group involved, for the last twenty years, in the development of real estate, income-producing real estate, land improvements, city building plans and more. In 2009, the group aimed to be a marker in the field of urban renewal projects in general, the evacuation – reconstruction and National Outline Plan (NOP) 38 prestigious projects in particular.

The focus on urban renewal led the group to be one of the leaders in the field, and today the group manages and executes projects in a wide geographical layout, and is committed to a very high quality. Rayk Group has a high financial strength that ensures the execution of the project from the beginning to the end, at the highest speed and at the highest qualities in the real estate market.

Since its establishment, Rayk Group has strived to make precise and detailed planning as well as quality construction work at a high level of finish, while in mind, first and foremost, the owners’ rights and the new apartments’ purchasers of the company. The Group completed and executes prestigious projects throughout the country to the satisfaction of the apartment’s owners, thanks to the personal services provided, to the consultation and accompaniment to each customer and client, to the respect of timetables and the highest standards buildings in the real estate market.


We are proud to introduce you to Rayk Real Estate Division..

As part of the Group’s development in general and the real estate division in particular, it has been decided in the recent years to focus the division on urban renewal. Thanks to its professionalism and focus in this field, Rayk Group is today one of the leading group in initiating urban renewal. The group initiates and manages a variety of projects in premium locations in the center, alongside large projects throughout the country, and operates with sensitivity and full consideration for the new apartment owners and purchasers, in view of making the experience as easy, comfortable and pleasant as possible. Rayk Group brings with its financial strength, deep knowledge and rich experience in the field of real estate and urban renewal in particular, first-rate professionals in the industry, uncompromising professionalism and service awareness. I am confident that we will be able to provide you with the best possible solution, construction and purchasing experience to the satisfaction of all parties.

With best wishes,
Yossi Rayk,
Rayk Group CEO