Rayk Group is among the leading real estate groups in Israel and among the ones that successfully completed National Outline Plan 38 premium projects, including selected projects in the city of Tel Aviv.

Rayk Group localizes, initiates and executes projects in urban renewal according to the Building Evacuation Plans and National Outline Plan 38. The group accompanies the rights holders at all stages of the process with experienced and skilled professionals persons through several departments that operate in the company:

Economic department – for quick review of transactions and full response to the house committees and representatives of residents who apply to it.

Legal department – which handles requests from rights holders and other legal issues that arise during the project (inheritances, wills, costs, etc.).

Customer retention department – The Company attaches great importance to maintaining continuous contact with its customers. This department was established to maintain contact with the house committees and the rights holders, and to maintain the transparency throughout the planning and execution stages.

Operation Department – Responsible for quick and efficient operation of all project processes in all its details, in order to bring the project to the finishing line in the fastest, most efficient and highest quality.

Engineering and Execution Department – The Department specializes in licensing and planning urban renewal projects, with emphasis on quick and efficient execution, taking into account the importance of the rights holders in each project and project.

Marketing Department – advertising and marketing the company apartments.

– Finance Department – In addition to all of the Group’s current financial activity, this department is responsible for all the complex financial and banking matters in the area of the urban renewal, inter alia, in order to create appropriate collateral for the apartment owners who communicate with the Company and the purchasers of the new apartments.

Business Development Department – This department is actively working in business development and optimization of the Group and the procedures of Rayk Group. For example, we have established urban renewal software that streamlines ongoing activity with an emphasis on urban renewal, thereby improving the connection with the rights holders and their involvement in the project.

The other professionals – the team works with architects, consultants, engineers, supervisors and contractors of the first rank, with proven experience and the best in the field of urban renewal.

As a group with wide experience in urban renewal in general and in Tel Aviv in particular, it is important for us to present to you the main benefits of the different NOP programs, out of a belief in total transparency with our customers and a desire to do the best as possible in a mutual project:

TAMA 38 (NOP 38):

– TAMA 38 is the national outline plan (NOP) for the seismic reinforcement of buildings in accordance with standards 413 and 2143.

– Renewal of the existing building infrastructure including the expansion and the enlargement of the building lobby and the renovation of the stairwell.

– Renovation and replacement of the electrical and plumbing systems of all the public spaces in the building.

– Expansion of the owners’ apartments as much as possible, while preserving the urban landscape and the municipal policy, in accordance with the approval of the authorities. The company emphasizes and meets the wishes and needs of the existing owners with maximum expansions in favor of their existing apartments (safe room, room extensions, balcony as much as it is possible), in a way that it will increase the contour of the upper floor. Maximum expansions are a common interest of the company and the owners together.

– A new elevator in the building, at a maximal size, in light of the architectural feasibility constraints and the existing spaces of the building.

– Parking planning for the new apartments being added, preserving the existing parking spaces, and if possible building new warehouses and parking spaces on the area.

– Rich development of the building area, according to the plan of a landscape architect who is hired especially by the company for the purpose of planning a modern area / complex, nice and renewed.

TAMA 38/2 (NOP 38/2):

NOP 38/2 pursues this effort through the evacuation and reconstruction model, there is a possibility to completely demolish the building and rebuild it, while improving the property and adding the rights granted by the NOP 38 plan. Apart from raising and improving living conditions, the upgraded property will offer a higher yield when sold.

Rayk Group is one of the pioneer companies in the field of evacuation and reconstruction. It operates professionally, with precise and detailed planning, performing quality work. All this accompanied by professionals leading in Israel. Professionals specializing in the field of evacuation and reconstruction will make, for the rights owners, a pleasant and simple experience.

The evacuation-reconstruction plan is part of the urban renewal plan in Israel. As a group with a rich background in real estate, the company believes that the evacuation and reconstruction plans are the next step in the evolution of urban renewal.

This program has many advantages which main ones are:

– Sometimes, as a result of the rights granted to the evacuation – reconstruction plan, unlike the rights granted under National Outline Plan 38/2, urban renewal projects can be applied according to the demolition and reconstruction plan, even in places where the rights granted by the NOP do not allow this in terms of economic feasibility.

– Advanced environmental planning, as green areas, passages, parking spaces, public buildings, new infrastructures and more.

– Improving the city appearance – the plan enables uniformed and planned façades of a whole complex with new environmental planning which is compatible with the current planning and construction, and thus significantly increasing the value and quality of life, the price of the apartment and the value of the entire residential environment.

– As part of the plan, Rayk Group offers the current owners, during the construction, payment for rental and municipal property tax payments on the old apartment. At the end of the process, the homeowners will receive a new building in a new complex, which in most cases provides a larger apartment than the previous one, a new lobby, decorative stairwells, parking spaces, balconies, elevators and all that accompanies a modern building.